Problem Statement: Due to the Covid-19 Pandamic, the resulting “Shelter in Place” orders, and the impacts of temporary or permanent loss of jobs, income, school closures, inability to interact in-person with co-workers, difficulties in communication and destructive conflict interactions in every type of relationship are on the rise.

·      Those Sheltering in Place together: couples, parents with young kids/teens/young adults suddenly returned home, middle-aged and older adults caring for elderly parents, 2 or multiple roommates all working from home…

·      employees, colleagues and business associates needing to reorganize work schedules and come to shared understandings of changing priorities

·      folks suddenly without income and bills mounting; uncertainties about how long things will last and how to pay bills, rent, mortgages – trying to problem solve with partners/family/friends who are similarly under-resourced and frightened

·      indicators showing a rise in domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, divorce and custody disputes, etc.


Rapid Response Online Services: Trained and experienced mediators and conflict coaches can provide 1 time or short term (1-4 sessions) to help parties address and improve conflict communication; problem solve for themselves or with one another and develop skills to address conflicts in the future.

·      Informal mediation/dialogue facilitation for 2 or more parties

·      1-1 conflict coaching sessions

o   Single or multiple sessions for individuals

§  As part of a mediation/dialogue process

§  As a stand-alone service

·      Resource and referral services


Target Client Population and Potential Partners:

·      Low and middle-income individuals and families, the recently unemployed, frontline workers (medical, first responders, grocery, delivery, and other essential workers)

·      County and Municipal Social Services, Child Welfare*, Behavioral Health, Probation and related Departments

·      California (East Bay and Los Angeles) community-based nonprofits doing crisis intervention work with target populations, community mediation centers


Service Providers focused on strength-based support interventions:

·      Professionally trained, experienced, certified mediators, affiliated with one or more of the project sponsors: ISCT, MBB, NAFCM…

·      Professionally trained and supervised volunteer mediators


*The Central Susquehanna Valley Mediation Center, Inc.’smodel for Crisis/Rapid Response Family Meetings (currently being offered online) is one of the intervention approaches we are planning to use for this pilot project.